Friday, October 8, 2010

APAP2010 OPEN HOUSE is completed!

안양공공예술프로젝트인 APAP2010의 오픈하우스가 완공되었습니다.
독일 건축가인 라움라보어(와 협력해 진행되었던 
프로젝트로 안양시민을 위한 공간입니다.

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Type : Commission
Client : APAP
Location: Anyang, Korea
Status: Completed 2010
Project in Charge : Raumlabour Berlin
Matthias Rick with Jia Gu, Florian Stirnemann, Marius Busch and    
Benjamin Frick, 
Paula Henschel, Nick Green and Andreas Krauth
Collaboration Team : Janghee Yoo, Namjoo Kim, Citizens of Anyang

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