Thursday, December 16, 2010

Collective connections

Type : Competition for Digital Fabrication
Client : Tex-Fab
Size : 110m2
Location: Houston, Texas, USA
Status: Idea
Project Team : Namjoo Kim, Janghee Yoo

A connection is the media which transfers the force from one member to another. From this perspective, the idea of developing a structure from a connection means to define the relation between individual force and the whole dynamic.  We devise a group of simple structural units which can show parametric correlation in spatial format:  collective connections   

This collective connections reacts to the site condition in the most generic way, adapting the circular perimeter. The 2/3 of the perimeter is covered with 60 structural units, and each of them is composed of 33 members and 18 connections. The combination of fixed and dynamic connections makes a unit mobile and reactive to the force imposed on it. And each unit is associated to the next one by the connecting axis in-between. The repetition of this condition enables to draw the transformation of invisible force into whole spatial movement. 

Here, people sit, stand on, push, pull or interact with the structure in many different ways, and these local actions become a generator to change the global formation of the structure.

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